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Located on the island Honshyu close to the capital Tokyo. There are several routes to climb on top of the volcano, which is the highest point in Japan - 3776 m. During the summer months is the busiest climbing to the top, but the clouds often prevent the making of panoramic images.Bookmark and Share

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'Tea Garden Beautiful Landscape' Wallpaper - there is no I. of the location OR name of the Volcano

Beautiful...:-) pic !

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Fukuroda Falls – Ibaraki, Japan - 30 Extraordinary Pictures That Will Blow Your Mind great place to visit!

Ryu-gaeshi Falls in Karuizawa, Japan. by jana

Sunbeams have made me happy since I was a little girl. Ryu-gaeshi Falls in Karuizawa, Japan 竜返しの滝 軽井沢

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Budding beauty: Hydrangeas decorate the Katahara Hot Spring resort in Aichi Prefecture. Many temples will also hold hydrangea festivals this month.