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LOL Easy for you to say!~~~ I am buying for 150 kids.~~Yep you read it right. I will not calm down Santa! Christmas is only 57 days away and I'm super excited! Besides, Christmas is every day IF you have Christ in your heart.

Best 30 Funny Christmas Memes & Pictures | Quotations and Quotes

Best 30 Funny Christmas Memes & Pictures

he sees you when you're sleeping...

Works 1 day a year. Spends the rest of it judging you, Santa works one day a year :)

Kut Kerst

Christmas - Grumpy Cat - Tis the Season to Stay Indoors Where There's Internet - christmas memes and holiday fails - Cheezburger

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LOL, I love ecards

I've always wondered why people announce they have a baby in the car. as if it makes a difference in the way people drive. This is hilarious!

Yuck, I have almost broken my neck trying to flush with my foot.

Public toilet = flush with foot. I always use my foot to flush ALWAyS in public bathrooms

Mason Disick is too cute

Almost stepped on a crack . almost broke my mother's back. My kids do this every day with cracks, kitchen tiles, bricks, etc.

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No Baby Daddy, Believable. Three Wise Men, No Way Girl.: Funny how the virgin birth is entirely believable yet finding three wise men is p

Popping The (birth control) Pill

Popping The (birth control) Pill (Party of One)

Funny Music Ecard: Hey here's some Midol. Those cramps are CRAZY! But here's the bright side.It's not a baby.