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Grow Bougainvillea

How to Grow Bougainvillea. Bougainvillea is a tropical, shrub-like vine that bursts forth with colorful flowers for 11 months of the year if it's planted in the right climate. To grow bougainvillea, plant it in full sun, slightly acidic.

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Outdoor Wall Art Add color to your outdoor decorating with a fence covered with suspended flowerpots. It's wall art for your outdoor room.

Los jardines y huertos verticales son una original manera de aprovechar mejor el espacio que tienes en tu hogar para cultivar plantas de una manera práctica.

Garden Tower Project The Homestead Survival vertical planter with a worm tower in the center really works. You add kitchen scraps into the center tower which creates a compost tea that drips out the bottom which you add back into the plants. Each hole can

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Propagate Bougainvillea

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