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The frontal view of an ant head. Image by Dr. Jan Michels, Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel.

Place Photomicrographer: Jan Michels, Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, Germany Specimen: Ant head, frontal view Technique: Confocal, autofluorescence Image: Courtesy of Nikon Small World

1. Complex Adaptive Systems

Creation's Journey to Life: Day The Bible, the Ant and an Equal Money Sys.

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Tell this story- Remember that YOU are an ant-sized person watching (or being part of the group). Cool picture too!

Insect in cyanide | Oblique Illumination | Nikon Small World

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Nerocila acuminata is a parasitic isopod related to Cymothoa exigua, the infamous “tongue-replacer”. This isopod clings onto the skin of its fish host, feeding on blood and tissue. When it detects a potential host, this parasites becomes a fish-seeking missile - it launches itself at the target fish like a guided torpedo, making precise directional and speed adjustments to ensure it lands on its target with claws outstretched . Upon contact, the isopod starts digging in, causing terrible...

spoookyscary: Nerocila acuminata is a parasitic isopod related to Cymothoa exigua, the infamous tongue-replacer. This isopod clings onto th.

.2mandarin fish, mating dance.

( mating mandarinfish) By: Giambattista Isabella

The art of staring...Glenea (Accolona) astathiformis ~ Long horned beetle

by Parag Giri

What is this pretty image? A piece of ribbon? Fabric? A scarf? Nope ... it's a butterfly tongue, magnified 720 times. Amazing!

10 Amazing Microscopic Images - microscope images, microscopic

Continuing my love of microscopic photography, I bring you …a butterfly's tongue…so very beautiful and wondrous. The tip of a butterfly tongue viewed in polarized light by Stephen S. Nagy, M.D. from Helena, Montana. Stephen S. Nagy, M.D.

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From mini insect "monsters" to solar cells-turned-abstract art—see the best microphotos chosen in the annual Small World photo competition.

˚Chrysops relictus (Diptera, Tabanidae) Tabanid Fly

Another bloodsucker (studio stacks and stereos) by Nikola Rahme