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Whispers of an Immortalist: Icons of the Theotokos 1

Full of Grace and Truth: St. John Maximovitch of the intercessions of the Theotokos

Icon of Christ for an iconostasis by fr. Silouan Justiniano

The artwork is an Icon of Christ made for an iconostasis, constructed by Fr. Silouan Justiniano and is a representation of Jesus in the Byzantine era.

Jerzy Nowosielski.

Visiting the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art , I ran across 3 paintings from the sixties and seventies by Jerzy Nowosielski (b.

Byzantine Icons, Byzantine Art, Religious Icons, Orthodox Icons, Virgin Mary, Madonna, Dio, Tempera, Mothers

Painting IKONA Św. Zofia Rzymska (w klejmach Wiara Nadzieja i Miłość) - Artist Greta Maria Leśko

We present: ICON St. Zofia Roman (in klejmach Faith Hope and Love) - Greta Maria Leśko. One of the many paintings by Greta Maria Leśko.

Pantocrator - contemporary

O parte din icoanele expuse pana in 6 ianuarie 2014 la Libraria Bizantina