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Pooktre people from trees.

Pooktre garden -- The Pooktre technique for shaping trees is a gradual…

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pooktre photos of a range of different styles - Pooktre Tree Shapers

Tree Shaping is the practice of training living trees and woody plants into artistic shapes by carefully orchestrating how the tree and the branches grow. Techniques such as grafting, bending, creasing, framing, weaving, twisting, braiding, pruning and ring barking are employed to archive the unnatural shapes.

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Modern-day ent, perhaps? Peter Cook got the idea for growing his own furniture in Nowadays he's a regular master at the refined art of tree shaping — guiding trees into desirable designs as they grow

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Our process of shaping trees is called pooktre. We have perfected a gradual shaping method, which is the shaping of trees as they grow along predetermined designs. With an understanding of tree lore, trees like these are easy to grow and it’s a very satisfying pastime.

Pooktre Tree Shapers - Peter Cook and Becky Northey are the founders of Pooktre. Their process of shaping trees is called pooktre. They have perfected a gradual shaping method, shaping trees as they grow along predetermined designs.

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arbre 1 Maïté Milliéroux

Tree shaping is a form of living sculpture, sharing a common heritage with other artistic horticultural and agricultural practices, such as bonsai, espalier, and topiary, and employing some similar techniques. A unique and distinguishing feature evident in many examples of the work is the purposeful inosculation of living trunks, branches, and roots to form artistic designs or functional structures.

pooktre photos of a range of different styles - Pooktre Tree Shapers

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Hakuro Nishiki' or just 'Nishiki' Japanese willow

A árvore da vida da Disneilandia, com 325 animais esculpidos em seu tronco.

Tree of Life Walt Disney World 325 animal s carved into it!

Living art - what you can do with a tree--I LOVE this.  Can you imagine blooming crepe myrtles!?!?

Axel Erlandson Circus Trees (Tree shaping (also known as Pooktre…

"Ruby glanced at a tree in Zeus's garden. It had a straight trunk at the bottom. Its early branches had been trained into an elaborate knot. The branches met again above the knot and continued straight up and leafed out as normal." -from Young Adult novel, "The Immortal Game" by Joannah Miley

Needle and Thread Tree by Axel Erlandson (December 1884 – April He was a Swedish American farmer who shaped trees as a hobby, and opened a horticultural attraction in 1947 advertised as "See the World's Strangest Trees Here," and named "The Tree Circus".

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