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Must have this desk! corbel + glass = desk Restoration Hardware manufactures these. but I like the idea of re-purposing actual old corbels if you get your hands on a pair

Rooms | Restoration Hardware a bench like this and some chairs for the dining room... ahh

RH's Florian Crystal Chandelier chandelier mixes the opulent sparkle of crystal with the rustic restraint of a bronze-finished frame.


Интерьерное великолепие от Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware- will definitely have these two pieces, eventually, for my own office- French Partner's Desk

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Garment Factory Desk--restoration hardware, of course -- dreamy office space!

Gothic Corbel & Glass Shelf...can order or buy any corbel and use anything for a topper, glass, wood plank, etc.

RH's Gothic Corbel & Glass Shelf:We've repurposed designs developed centuries ago to support roofs and balconies as a hanging wall system for showcasing art and prized collectibles.


English Openwork Pendant:The forthright design of our lantern-style fixture reflects the functional architecture of lighting. We've omitted the glass panes that once shielded the candle's flame to allow unobstructed illumination.