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Unless I don't care. My dad would often decide if he allowed something based on how quickly and efficiently I moved.

A Gemini move with the speed of a cheetah. While you're still wasting time, they will be on the task. SO TRUE

Gemini ♊️

Gemini (Oh stop it, you flatter me too much! Another Gemini wrote that. I was going to type "well ;) I guess can turn down a compliment"

well... You can control me... if you are my Daddy ;)

Gemini has the worst time coping with = harsh realities, relying on others (loss of independence) and being controlled in anyway.All so True!

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Unfortunately, that's an incredibly accurate description when you stab us in the back!

zodiac mind gemini - Google keresés

Yes, we can. Until we get tired of your shit, then we can make you feel like the unluckiest man alive.

True, but we enjoy reading.  Quiets the mind and enhances our soul.

My friends get mad at me because I read fast they don't think it's possible<< mine don't believe me if they show me a paragraph and I finish faster than expected