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Barefaced cheek.

I stare wide eyed. I knew he had to be someone low ranked. I can tell from his walk. But the fact that he had no mask on is what frightened me. His face was obviously used to the sun." I hear people shout before the unmasked man runs off, giv

writing prompt<---Think I've seen a similar movie idea...I think Cuba Gooding Jr was in it?

Why You Should Never Trust Spell Check

The word that appears on your arm is murder. Everyone thinks that your going to get murdered but in actual fact your the one that murders people. You become an "assassin"

At noon.

On everyone's birthday at noon, one word appears on their skin, depicting their career or purpose in life. On your birthday, you're staring at the clock showing Family and friends are gathered around for your reveal.

writing prompt<<< You glance around. So that's where you put it... You sigh and place the item on top of your fireplace mantle

Attachment issues.

You have managed to attach your soul to an item in which, on the event of your death, you will respawn in front of it. The downside to this immortality, is that you keep misplacing it and spawning in weird and sometimes uncomfortable places.

Lucid dreaming.

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