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【レベル高すぎ】ナショジオが募集した「変わり続ける、諸行無常な世界」に集まった超絶写真 26選

Suri boys like to paint their bodies and wear floral ornaments to show their beauty. Photo by Sergio Carbajo -- National Geographic Your Shot

Vegetal earrings

Surma and Mursi body art Omo Valley, East Africa Photo by Hans Silvester from the book "Natural Fashion: Tribal Decoration from Africa"

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Flower Hmong girl

Girl from the Flower Hmong hill tribe. The Hmong (RPA: Hmoob/Moob, IPA: [m̥ɔ̃ŋ]) are an Asian ethnic group from the mountainous regions of China, Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand. Hmong are also one of the sub-groups of the Miao ethnicity (苗族) in southern Chin

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Tribu Mursi en el valle del río Omo entre Etiopía, Kenia y Sudán



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*Hamar girl photographed during the Bulljumping Ceremony. The Bull Jumping Ceremony is conducted by several tribes in the Lower Omo Valley and is the most important ceremony in a tribal man's life.


ホントに素人?! オモ族のファッションが独創的でレベル高すぎて信じがたいレベル

Natural Fashion: Tribal Decoration from East Africa by Hans Silvester “Body painting, as practiced here in East Africa, the cradle of humanity, seems to me to represent a way of life that dates from.

1890-Bailarina "exótica" 4 El burlesque es lento y voluptuoso y tiene tintes de perversidad (pero dulce)

Horse OR unicorn inspiration. Vintage burlesque dancer, "The Devil's Auction" (stage/theater).

Tribal Decoration | Africa  ~by Hans Silvester

Natural Fashion : Tribal Decoration from Africa . Seriese by Hans Silvester

요정 같은 삶을 사는 에티오피아 수리족 사진집 : 네이버 블로그

요정 같은 삶을 사는 에티오피아 수리족 사진집 : 네이버 블로그

Tribe Omo - Photos by Hans Sylvester

Collection of Hans Silvester's photos of the Surma and Mursi people of the Omo Valley in southern Ethiopia, presenting the beauty of the tribes' ancient tradition of temporary body decoration.