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Traditional Viking brass shield boss with ArmStreet signature etching. This boss is decorated with "Dragon" pattern and will look good on your combat viking shield

Valknut Warrior Amulet

Valknut Warrior Amulet

Slavic Norway Valknut pagan amulet pendant Men necklace Scandinavian Viking jewelry Odin 's Symbol of Norse Viking Warrior

The Vikings really knew how to celebrate a holiday.  They were like a race of bearded Martha Stewarts.

Irrefutable Proof That Santa Is Odin

Some people think that Christmas is a Christian holiday, but this shows pagan + the non- Christian background to Santa.

Wanna know how I feel about it?

*Norse God* The core of Norse belief is the use and acquisition of power. The core of Christ is avoiding the worst excesses of power acquisition. It is hard to strike a balance here.



how the days of the week got their names


Funny pictures about Origin of the days of the week. Oh, and cool pics about Origin of the days of the week. Also, Origin of the days of the week.

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Celtic Animal Zodiac- Falcon/Hawk for Kieran, Deer for Kenzie, Fox for Kolbie & Kyler, and Seahorse for myself. I had been pretty settled on wanting Native American totem animals, but Irish/Celtic makes more sense ;