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I don't need to lose weight but I need to strengthen my core and tone! Take 12 weeks and see a Total Body Transformation. unfortunately, I never have 12 consecutive weeks where I am not too busy to succeed -_-


Classy with a Kick: Work it Out Wednesday: New Kicks & My Motivation

Another tough lesson.

Sky n Surf: Culpability and the consequences of our actions (and a GREAT NSV)


Inspirational Quotes for Weight Loss and Fitness Stay motivated with your weight loss plan or workout routine with these 24 popular quotes and sayings.


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Rewards for #weightloss milestones? We think yes! #health

Good idea: set rewards for self for reaching goals/milestones


It's never too late to create a stronger, healthier, better version of you. A strong body = a strong mind.

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I like to celebrate a weight loss with chocolate. I like to celebrate surviving a long run with chocolate. I really like to celebrate a smaller pants size with chocolate. You can see how this might...

Trusty Chucks: rewarding health milestones with things other than food // weight loss rewards loss motivation

Follow the 80/20 rule: in order to see results, you have to be eating healthy at least 80% of the time. Be honest with yourself: a salad for dinner is not going to make up for the greasy pizza you had for lunch.

A little reminder. This is so true! I hate when people freak about calories! Girl, you're young, you can afford it! One bad meal doesn't make you fat. Just like pretending one good meal will make you healthy or skinny. Everything in moderation is true!