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Vintage Orange Hair Troll Blue Stripe Shirt Red by ShoppingLounge

Vintage Orange Hair Troll Blue Stripe Shirt Red Belt and Blue Pants Troll Toy

The Carol Burnett Show. I remember hearing my grandpa laugh as I approached  the house after I got out of school!

The Carol Burnette Show, a Blast from My Past and One Funny Ass Show with Harvey Korman, Vikki Lawrence, Tim Conway etc!

First generation iPhone ... Yep ... I had one

SydesJokes: My Generation's First Eye Phone. Y'all may not get it, but trust us: for those who grew up with Fisher-Price toys, and for whom smart phones came along relatively late, it's a yuk.

I really really wanted a pair of these. A friend used to let me try hers on during nap time at school.

Wet look boots. Some people call these go-go boots, but I remember those as being ankle-high white boots that zipped up the back (at the heel).

Elementary                                                            School Glue

In the days before Elmer's Paste. And Elmer's School Glue. And Glue Sticks.

Passing some time away.

Whee-Lo Magnetic Spinning Wheel Top, Vintage Toys, Life and toys were simple. Had one of these I kept at my grandparents' house

1962 BARBIE Black Patent Wardrobe Case or Trunk with Solo in the Spotlight by PONYTAIL and MATTEL

1962 BARBIE Black Patent Wardrobe Case I had this one! My cousin who was a few years older than me gave me all her barbies ken and skipper dolls

Remember when

Remember when

The California Raisins. Man, I tell you what... Them dried up grapes could sing! I had 2 of their albums on cassette. LOVED!!

California Raisins I Heard It Through The Grapevine. I had these figurines. Hardee's was giving them away back when I was a kid