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Alpen koe

Alpen koe

Cow... Appreciate the moo---ds this picture brings forth to mind. Peaceful & calm in the midst of God's  beautiful creation!

cows in front of barn.pinner says: windmill, barn,and cows.such an idyllic country farm scene!


Cow, Alps

Simple living :)

Barns come in all shapes, sizes and colors.as do the prairies, fields and lots upon which they set.


pinner says: "I bought my Oregon farm because of the Big Red Barn with a kitchen inside that I use as my artisan syrup factory.

Farming is an act of faith!!

And, God bless the hard-working farmers . the backbone of society.love the poem "And God made a Farmer"

barn & cows on a snowy morning                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Pale yellow barn--here is a pretty yellow barn for my Beautiful daughter, Krystin!

used to play in barns like this when I was growing up...happy times

Barn Photography - Inside an Old Barn Full of Hay - Sunlight Shining Through the Barn's Perfect Imperfections

We drove the tractor way out here so we could pick more wild blackberries to mix with strawberries for our preserving........

Looks just like our tractor. not s many red leaves, just gray ol oaks in winter