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Свадебный  портрет  с  печальной  историей.  Анна  Говард  Вайс   умерла  при  родах  через  четыре  года.

history-of-fashion: “ 1780 Tilly Kettle - Portrait of Anne Howard-Vyse ”

Riding Habit, Met, 1760s... This is very similar to the riding habit for the American Girl doll, Felicity. I wonder if this was an inspiration piece for that dress.

Unlike the intricate embroideries and luscious silks of eighteenth–century men& formal costume, sporting ensembles of the period, specifically the man& equestrian uniform echoed the more somber ornamental vein of British dress

Доу, Джордж - Портрет Максима Федоровича Ставицкого

Dow, George - Portrait of Maxim Fyodorovich Stavitsky

Доу, Джордж - Портрет Карла Федоровича Левенштерна

Dawe George - Portrait of Karl Fedorovich Levenstern

Udom 1 Ivan Fyodorovich.jpg

Udom 1 Ivan Fyodorovich.jpg

Доу, Джордж - Портрет Николая Ивановича Селявина

Portrait of Nikolai I. Selyavin by George Dawe - Paintings from Hermitage Museum

Posnikov Fyodor Nikolaevich.jpg

Posnikov Fyodor Nikolaevich.jpg