But turns out the third world has more mysteries than originally thought, and facts don't coincide with real life logic, leaving a paradox where things need to be explained....

The third world war.

The year is inside an ancient artifact, what the people f the time called a "book", is written a historical account of the world war.

Screenwriting prompt

Very important.

There is a device that assigns you a percentage score of how important you are to the world. Most people are 0 to The president is Your score just jumped from 1 to

Humans have evolved and their personalities manifest in physical form. You are widely feared and locked in a maximum security prison, because your body doesn't do this.

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Still dark.

When darkness consumes. While it did make the city prettier with colourful lights, somewhere in a village, it lurks.


They were building a fire when they became aware of something skulking in the trees nearby. Out from the shadows came a tall, spindly figure which seemed to be covered in hair, which, in turn, was matted with leaves.