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kim walker  La manera tan loca como adora a Dios, disfruta cuando lo adora sin importar lo que diga la gente.  su testimonio es increíble!! ademas que lo identifico con el mio.

Kim Walker is a passionate worshiper and also one of the key members in the worship team of Bethel church and Jesus Culture Band.

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Tenth Avenue North, Jason Jamison, Jeff Owen, Mike Donehey and Ruben Juarez

Jesus Culture is a global movement, awakening hearts to worship and demonstrate the love and power of God wherever we go.

William McDowell - Place Of Worship (+playlist) Free in His Presence is a true place of worship. Glory to God for his Grace and Mercy. Most of Unconditional Love.

UPWARDS FALLING No two nights are ever the same. The only thing that never changes is that God has His way in and through our lives every night.