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Children... So special!

They need you! They can't take care of themsevles! Put down your phone your boyfriend , girlfriend, or spouse become second place before your child! That is what bring a parent is about!

As you sow so shall you reap !!!

Be positive role models for your children. Don't forget—Actions speak louder than words. and you are always teaching your kids. Lead by example, being a model in word and deed. Both parents set the tone and pace for their children’s success.


Free, Reminders Ecard: Scariest Person in the World is a single mom! That bitch is FEARLESS!

10 amazing qualities children can learn from their parents at the36thavenue.com #parenting #kids

10 Things Children Learn From Parents

10 amazing qualities children can learn from their parents. Truth my boys have very good manners.

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I'm trying to forget you. love quote couple waiting broken breakup missing forget I hate how true this is


Very wise. You become like the people you associate with. Will you be making beautifull music so the world can hear? Or will you become like the who is just making meaningless noise?