Young Indian boy, possibly Tlingit, Alaska, ca. 1904.

Young Indian boy, possibly Tlingit, Alaska, ca. :: American Indians of the Pacific Northwest -- Image Portion

Indian, tee pee

picture of Indians in Winter Camp. The picture was taken in and shows some Apsaroke Indians. I think this is an Edward Curtis Photograph

Indian woman and owl, Blind River, Ontario, c. 1910.

Indian Woman with Owl . Blind River, Ontario, Canada -- I've always wondered what she was thinking, considering that the owl is not alive, or could have been sick. For some tribes the owl is a symbol of death -- a taboo to behold.

Wishham Child

A vital photo of a Wishham Child. It was made in 1910 by Edward S. The illustration documents a Wishham Indian girl seated, wearing basket like hat, cotton plaid dress, shell beads decorated with silver dollars.