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Eric & Patrick's Design Playground

Being a renter means that a lot of things about your house are non-negotiables — but a bad bathroom doesn't have to be one of them. Even if you can't replace the old tub or tear down the tile, there are plenty of changes you can make to your bathroom that will have a big impact — even if you're leasing and not buying.

Bye Bye Bad Bathroom: High-Impact Rental Upgrades

Breeze & Lauren's New Orleans Shotgun Filled With Vintage Charm — House Tour

A Cozy, Charming New Orleans Shotgun

Paint colors that match this Apartment Therapy photo: SW 7536 Bittersweet Stem, SW 7083 Darkroom, SW 7082 Stunning Shade

Erick's Modern Organic Burbank Mix

Erick's Modern Organic Burbank Mix


Sherri & Daniel's Travel-Inspired Tudor

Ruth & Phil's Smartly Designed, Eco-Friendly Family Home — House Tour

House Tour: A Textile Artist's Eco-Friendly Family Home

House Tour: An Exuberant, Eccentric Oakland Apartment | Apartment Therapy

House Tour: "Luxe Bohemian Fairy Tale Discotheque" Style

Leslie's Warm, Refined "Urban Tree House" in Indianapolis

An Organic Modern "Urban Tree House" in Indianapolis

Paint colors that match this Apartment Therapy photo: SW 6110 Steady Brown, SW 6431 Leapfrog, SW 6258 Tricorn Black, SW 6991 Black Magic, SW 0077 Classic French Gray