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These are baby squirrels kissing. What cute, adorable, animals! I love animals!

Teeny baby squirrels

Teeny baby squirrels

ready for winter, funny fat squirrel photo, why do you ask

Who ate all the nuts? This tubby critter looks as if it's been squirreling away too many nuts for the winter.It has piled on the pounds ever since James Phelps began putting nuts out in his garden in Michigan, USA.

my vet says squirrels are very territorial, so this would be all one family! Also, that means placing nuts out for one squirrel during the fall and winter will not attract other squirrels!

Visitor Who Comes Every Day For Nuts - The Meta Picture

Visitor Who Comes Every Day For Nuts

Funny pictures about Visitor Who Comes Every Day For Nuts. Oh, and cool pics about Visitor Who Comes Every Day For Nuts. Also, Visitor Who Comes Every Day For Nuts photos.

oh hi....what do you mean these nuts aren't for me?

Person: Were are my nuts! Chipmunk: Don't look at me! I donna know! *a nut falls* Where did THAT come from! Chipmunk: *Points at random thing* Whats that! Chipmunk: *scampers away* Hehehe!

Der Taxifahrer und sein Eichhörnchen - Win Bild

A soldier and his squirrel. The soldier found a weak baby squirrel, nursed it back to life. Now the guy left the service, works as a taxi driver, and the squirrel is always in his pocket no matter where he goes! a-soldier-and-his-squirrel.

The spy squirrel that loved me

Gray squirrel in tree. Adler and Rothman represent extremes in human response to that remarkable, and remarkably vexing, native American mammal known as the eastern gray squirrel.

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