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Prototype of Soviet tank destroyer based on Pzkpfw III supsension and hull.

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SS troops fighting in Kharkov USSR. Notice swastika on back of armored car

The Soviet Union tank, the T-34, one of the deadliest and most influential tanks in World War II.


Medium Tank: The best tank of World War II. There were more technically advanced tanks than the but there were none more effective. Simple, crude, tough and lethal, and the Soviets made a lot of them.

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These are the incredible armored trains of World War I and World War II

Soviet BT-7 with camo

Soviet with camo

Tamiya Panther Tank

The only tank Germany produced for the duration of the war, the Panzer IV, in camo seen during combat in Normandy circa June 1944

AMX 13 in Indonesian service... first imported from France in the 70's, this tank has served well

AMX 13 in Indonesian service. first imported from France in the this tank has served well