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that's so easy one person puts their hands vertical and moves under the others hands, return hands to horizontal so the string forms a cross and voila, step over ur friends arm and ur out

the stone tablet rule.

You have to admire his dedication to being a smartass…

Funny pictures about Homework on stone tablets. Oh, and cool pics about Homework on stone tablets. Also, Homework on stone tablets.

Interesting social  experiment...

This is how to get free food

My inner goody two shoes wants to hate this since he was completely lying to get free food but I can't help but laugh -- so funny.

downsides to having lesbian parents

The only downside I have seen is this; i have lesbian aunts annd to ther kids theres mama and momy, to different people and when I babysi them idk which i which so im like "uhhh.that mom" "mommy?

Are so many people really thinking that Canada is "not real"? Look at a globe for once, vous idiots!

Oh Canada

Is Canada real or is it just fantasy? XD <<< No, I think that's a fictional country (can someone tell me the reference I just made?