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There is something uniquely beautiful about a person who remain soft after and while endearing great pain

I am attracted to laughter. I'd fall in love with a compassionate person who can laugh through their tears. I love it.

I'd sell my soul to protect you. Maybe I already did. And even though I miss you day after day, what we had was just a beautiful story that had to end.

And anyone who saw how she looked at him knew she was hooked.it's just a shame he wasn't hooked back. That's always been my problem. I'm way too obvious and they know they've got me if they want me.

There is nothing I wouldn't do for you. All you have to do is ask it of me.

I am not in a very good place today.wana keep u away from the depressions and sickness of my life and infact everyone.ill text in a bit. I really wish u have a good life mick.i wish and hope I don't ruin it with my sickness.

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Somedays when it rains, I have a raincoat, so that the flowers could grow some more*****


there&amp s a lot i don&amp t know, but i do know how that old familiar Story is gunna end so i read, and re-read and read through again. worth it - such a beautiful happy ending.