*Dies of cute overdose* | This Mom Makes Adorable Costumes For Her Daughter To Wear To Disney World » I cannot even imagine the awesomeness this child must feel. I would have been elated!

This Mom Makes Adorable Costumes For Her Daughter To Wear To Disney World

Mom sews incredibly accurate Disney costumes for her daughter to wear at Disney World.-I'm totally jealous of this little girl.

Komos Beach

iamthelittlemermaid: (via i-pukerainbows). The Little Mermaid. Ariel and King Triton.

just eyes from disney quiz

The Eyes of Disney Magic. I love this picture so much. Disney makes the most wonderful eyes! I know who most of these eyes belong to lol

kristoff me ama - Buscar con Google

His smile at the end. <--- just when this movie couldn't get any sweeter, happier, or sadder, this happened I just love his smile here

Ive been saying that I would play "If I Never Knew You" at my wedding since I was like, 14. Its just the most beautiful song, with and without words.

Feel the Love Tonight With This Romantic Disney Playlist

How many Disney movies can you identify?  I got a few but i bet you get more!!

Disney opening titles It goes from "Walt Disney presents" to " Walt Disney pictures presents" *single tear*

I will ride, I will fly, chase the wind, and touch the sky. (Disney and Dreamworks, but I'll put it here since the song is disney)

Hiccup (How to train your Dragon), Jack Frost (Reise of the Guardians), Merida (Brave) and Rapunzel (Tangled) "I will ride, I will fly chase the wind and touch the sky" ~ Touch the Sky ( Brave )

Disney Princesses - pssst do you like princesses? We will have a princess event the last weekend of March in Hamleys Denmark. Read more on our facebook/HamleysDanmark

The Very Wonderful Cosplay Photos

My dreams, in order: Write a novel. Have children. Spend at least SOME time as a Disney face character. I didn't write that caption, but it's pretty much me!

Adventures Of A New MilWife: Top Ten Disney World Planning Sites

16 Things You Might Not Know About Monsters Inc *philosopher's stone * Boo to it being the last pixar movie with a blooper reel- they're as funny as the real movie!

All of the things said in the Frozen movie about true love can be related back to Anna's and Elsa's relationship.

The Troll's Love Advice -- Elsa's Powers!

In Frozen, during the Song Fixer-Upper.The Troll's Love Advice was in fact about.

This is the most amazing thing I've ever seen

Une maman coud des costumes Disney incroyablement précis pour que sa fille les porte a Disneyland