Little kid pick-up lines: "Good thing I have a library Card. 'Cuz I'm checking you out"

One of a kind

Animal Pickup Lines. adorable, as long as the speaker doesn& plan on putting you on the extinct list

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This was really after a smart car crash test where it was driven at 70 mph into a cement wall.

The ultimate farmer pun:

The ultimate farmer pun: 24 Pictures Only People Who Love Puns Will Think Are Funny

Break out the orange cones, we've got some safety experts here. Don't worry guys, I'm fairly certain everyone in these photos knows exactly . View People Who Are Future Darwin Award Winners" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor

its my coffee, most days at least.

Funny pictures about Smallest Soft Drinks. Oh, and cool pics about Smallest Soft Drinks. Also, Smallest Soft Drinks photos.

funny puns 10 Terribly good puns (16 photos)

Terribly good puns (16 photos)

I'm not sure what makes it so darn funny, but I definitely laughed.



Oh I love a pun

Shoe repair sign: "I will heel you. I will save your sole. I will even dye for you.

Oh god it's gone bad

Oh god it's gone bad

Hilarious Bad Milk Fridge Food Eating Cartoon Joke Picture - Well that's just great. I let the milk go bad again.

... As I frantically search for the remote because 15 seconds takes way too long. I already know I'm not going to get shit accomplished.

Some Helpful Life Hack Tips, Let's Make Life Great Again!

"Netflix: gives you 15 seconds between episodes to decide if you're doing anything with your life today." or if I'm going to bed at a reasonable hour tonight.