Posted by Haruo Murata

FARMHOUSE – ANIMALS – mama duck giving swimming lessons to the new additions to the family.

Our broody Indian Runner duck, Bluebill, hatched out one baby the day before Mother's Day. At one day old he was the cutest thing in the wor.

love the duckies

Pictures of ducks and ducklings to make you smile. I believe in duckling therapy:)

eend met jongen

❤️️Mother and Baby Ducks ~ Duck Keeping watch over her sleeping Ducklings

just ducky

e have a large duck pond behind our house with Aylesbury Ducks.we hear the quack quack quack nice and early in the morning!

Runner duck 1 week old

Runner duck 1 week old. This is the cutest chick I have ever seen!

Female Mallard duck and her duckling

I looked it up , A Mother duck is called a hen and a baby duck is called a duckling / CHICK