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Matti ♡ Matthias Schoenaerts (born December is a Belgian actor and graffiti artist. Schoenaerts speaking Flemish / Dutch and French

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Ronald Walken, known professionally as Christopher Walken, photographed by Platon (Antoniou). Walken is an American actor, screenwriter, & director who has appeared in more than 100 films & television shows

Jan Decleir by Stephan Vanfleteren

Jan Decleir by Stephan Vanfleteren Prolific Belgian (Flemish) movie and stage actor.

Fishermen - Portfolio - Stephan Vanfleteren

darksilenceinsuburbia: “Stephan Vanfleteren: Fishermen In the Belgian fishing fleet consisted of 457 boats, in 1980 there were 208 and in 2008 only Some say that the fishing industry is.

Anton Corbijn shot by Stephan Vanfleteren

Anton Corbijn - Dutch photographer, music video director, and film director. Photo by Stephan Vanfleteren (makes me wonder if Corbijn ever took a photo of Vanfleteren.