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Her whole face is pretty, from her green eyes, pink eyeshadow, pink-purplelish eyeliner & ending with the deliciously pink lipstick. Whoever put all of these magnificent make-up colors together had/has to be a beautician.

heavy smokey eye

Beauty and Its Beastly Secrets: The Toxic Truth About Cosmetics

Flawless because her deep and dark smokey eyes are not TOO much (which it can easily be) because of her bright fresh face, light lips, and fresh earrings.

Our eyebrows are a major part of our face. They can make you look so right...or so wrong.  This quick tutorial is really easy to follow and shows you how to change your brows to make your face look good. It's as important as putting on a good mascara or shaving your legs when you wear a dress.  It can also help if you want to go with a natural look because it makes you look instantly groomed without having to put anything on. Perfect when you're giving your skin a breather.

The Good Brow Guide

Eyebrows frame the face, so it's important to shape them properly. This diagram demonstrates how to determine the natural arch of your brow, to enhance with makeup.

Clear skin, big beautiful eyes, gorgeous lashes, soft lips, and big sexy hair:) glitz-glam-the-perks-of-being-a-girl

green and gold

peacock eyeshadow: dark green on the lid, purple in the crease, gold in the highlight

salted caramel hair color 2015 - Google Search

Detailed Instructions on How to Do the Brazilian Keratin Treatment at Home: Enjoy Straight, Curl-Free Hair for Up to 3 Months - Say Goodbye to Frizz, Curls & Dryness! Love her color!