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Micronauts Time Traveler - part action figure / part Lego - the figures and vehicles interchange with one another

Micronauts Time Traveler - the figures and vehicles were interchangeable by Mego)

Micronauts: Time Travelers

Micronauts - I had these until I was I probably would have kept them much longer had I not gotten involved in other distractions. They were such cool toys - all with interchangeable parts, too!

Micronauts ad via http://www.innerspaceonline.com/icindex/ics2index.jpg

Micronauts ad via http://www.innerspaceonline.com/icindex/ics2index.jpg

The Shogun Warrior Dragun, a.k.a. Getter Dragon from the series Getter Robo G.

The Shogun Warrior Dragun, a. Getter Dragon from the series Getter Robo G.

Micronauts "Antron."  One of my all-time favorite action figures!  I had most of these when I was a kid!

I wanted all the Micronauts toys when I was a kid, but I was poor, so my parents could not afford everything. I did enjoy this particular action figure for many hours as a kid!