Der Spree, Berlin

The Spree River, Berlin, Germany (by andrea.sosio) - The Spree River, Berlin, Germany (by andrea.

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Beautiful hotel, Hotel Adlon, Berlin, Germany Where everything began worked there from

nice Travel to Berlin

Slept in a park with rabbits (ran out of money while traveling Europe). Also slept on the ledge of a water fountain.

Marktplatz in Trier. One of my favorite places in Germany!

{Trier, Germany} ~ The first large city I lived in in Germany, second location I lived in was Bitburg, Germany, which is about 30 minutes from Trier.the oldest city in Germany.

Winter Skyline of Beriln, Germany

23 Fascinating Photos that Will Remind You How Incredible Germany Is

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany

The Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany Berlin is a beautiful city! I spent a week there on a school trip and really want to go back some day!