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Can this please happen, J.K. Rowling?! Please?!

If you've read the books you'll understand who hugo is. This is so sweet it nearly made me cry! And I'm not a crying person I'm just a Crazy harry potter fan!

I still laugh at this whenever I read it in the book.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - pg 459 (in my book) (Everyone is talking about Cho's feelings, Ron mentions her exploding from stress) "[Hermione says,] 'Just because you've got the emotional range of a teaspoon doesn't mean we all have.

Emma Watson as Hermione a line from all eight movies

Wallpaper and background photos of Hermione Jean Granger (favorite movie quotes) for fans of Hermione Granger images.

You love it

You love Harry Potter! - Funny quotes from Parks and Recreation with Ann Perkins talking to Leslie Knope: "You made me watch all 8 Harry Potter movies. I don't even like Harry Potter! - That's insane! You love Harry Potter! You've seen all 8 movies!

Super Sirius.. well, it made me laugh.

Stop Joking Around...

Funny pictures about Super Sirius. Oh, and cool pics about Super Sirius. Also, Super Sirius.

I'm kind of curious how they expected to keep all those kids out of trouble for that long with nothing to really watch...and what they would have done if a dragon ate some one.

When people thought that the tri wizard tournament would be an awesome spectator sport

The Harry Potter fandom part 10 - Imgur

The Harry Potter fandom part 10

Pretty sure this is the first time one of these has actually blown my mind. Well said. Well said.