giant salt and pepper schnauzer - all natural coat! OH My!

giant salt and pepper schnauzer - all natural coat! And he looks like a puffy bear now. And a little fatter- a little.

What The Books Didnt Tell You About Schnauzers

16 Reasons Schnauzers Are Not The Friendly Dogs Everyone Says They Are. If the dog is not friendly, is the owner's fault.


Giant schnauzer 😍 I breed toy (AKC mini) schnauzers, this guy would be a bit out of place LoL

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Little fur baby! I still cherish those moments when my little boy was this small—-so cute and lovable, playful and funny—well, he still is and he’s 3 yrs old now.

Little Zackary a mini schnauzer 17lbs sitting next to Logan a 130lbs giant Schnauzer what a difference in size but both have wonderful hearts❤️ best dogs ever✨

Little mini schnauzer Zackary and his big brother great Schnauzer Logan posing for treats!