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Not amused: This basset hound looks fairly unimpressed with his Halloween costume, which makes him look like a knife has been put through his head

Oh no, not Halloween again! Dogs look less than happy in their Halloween costumes

Dog costume...how funny!!!

Dog costume eaten by an alligator. Playing on the urban myth that alligators are living under the streets of New York City. Gotham city Halloween costume for dogs.

I usually mean what I say...but I only have one personality so people actually take it seriously.

Dog’s Funny Face Gets Stuck It turns out those warnings from mom were true – at least in the case of one basset hound from Chicago, IL. Bosley is known among friends for his antics and silly faces,.

Best dogs ever!!  How can you resist those sad eyes and wrinkles??

4 Basset Hounds - how in the heck can you get them to sit all together?


15 Classic Movie Stills Made Better By A Photobombing Basset Hound

I want a Bassett Hound! So stinkin cute!

The basset hound is one of the best scent dogs in the world. Check out some different pictures and images of the basset hound puppy and dog.