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Voodoo Art by Brian Gumbrell, via Behance An experiment with Voodoo and other majical symbols into art. The symbols are based on the voodoo 'Garde', which is a talisman, when carried protects you against bad spirits. Voodoo Art by Gee, via Behance

They Cracked This 250-Year-Old Code, and Found a Secret Society Inside

For nearly 250 years, this book concealed the arcane rituals of an ancient order. But cracking the code only deepened the mystery.

Anatomy Occultus - You can see all the Masonic blue print for the altar and architecture, caduceus, kundalini spirit, and tree of life combined.

This AGLA lucy-charm which has a curse defensing, exorsist, fever calming and healing effect, had originally appeared in a grimoire or Book of Spells. The magical sign AGLA which had been created by a kabbalist method called notaricon, is made up from the first letters of the prayer formula “Atha gibor leolam Adonai” (Your power is eternal, my Lord). AGLA is a common element of the pictures, talismans, notes and magic spells of magical books, for example of the one issued by Pope Leo III…

Stock vector of Voodoo Spiritual Dieties Symbols Set. Vector Art by itskatjas from the collection iStock. Get affordable Vector Art at Thinkstock UK.

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Sigil of Lilith, one of the most well known female demons and primary counterpart of Lucifer. Lilith is often referred to the Queen of Hell as Lucifer is the King.

The god Anubis as a jackal with a winged wedjat the sacred eye. Glazed composition pottery, blue connotes resurrection and yellow alludes to the sun, a symbol of resurrection. A pierced pectoral - breast plate.

A Voodoo Veve acts as a "beacon" for the Loa (also spelled Lwa) - a type of spirit, sometimes referred to as "angel", and will serve as a loa's representation during rituals.