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NCIS Will Never Be The Same Without Ziva David

Ziva is gone and Bishop is here to stay. NCIS Will Never Be The Same Without Ziva David.

"Ziva, did you kill Houdini?" - Tony DiNozzo "It is possible. I do not remember their names." - Ziva David // NCIS More

One of my favorite Ziva quotes!

Which "NCIS" Agent Are You - ZIVA. In a ranking of tough cookies, you’d definitely be the toughest. Although you’re slow to ask for help, you’re quick to give it. You will bend the laws to protect the people you love, but anyone who breaks your personal code will be destroyed. Sometimes you can come off as cold, but those closest to you know you have an incredibly kind heart.

Which "NCIS" Agent Are You?

I got Special Agent Ziva David! Which "NCIS" Agent Are You? I have always been and always will be a huge Ziva fan.

You are so LOVED, Cote. Thank you for 8 amazing years of Ziva David.

Ziva quotes they'll never be another

One does not simply take  Ziva David out of NCIS

"One does not simply take Ziva David out of NCIS (She is so much better than Maura Isles)" Kate was amazing, thank you very much. But Ziva will missed equally.

ziva david by LoveEdElric.deviantart.com

i wouldnt want to get on her badside

NCIS...I love how she is so pretty but she can kick butt in a second!

Burning Question: Is Cote de Pablo Making a Huge Mistake by Leaving 'NCIS'?

OBESSED with Cote de Pablo--such a stunner. And Ziva!one of my top favorite tv characters!

how Ziva David is seen......love ncis!

Ziva David: I will be so upset if she dies.

NCIS Season 4 Episode 7 - "Sandblast"

Ziva David

Cote De Pablo plays Ziva in NCIS. She's such a great actress, and beautiful too.