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But when I need someone no one is there.

I'll be there for anyone who needs it. I will stay up all night on the phone to help you. I promise I'll be there. Just hate being replaced.

I think I'm Done.

but sometimes the goodbye you never got is better for your heart. Because although the goodbye may hurt when things are left unfinished.realize that sometimes the truth or what you don't know could hurt you even more.

Love this. I will probably read this over and over when I'm having a bad day

i am happy when. i do not have the time to be sad every day and be ungrateful; i have every reason in the world to be happy

thats us, we were never really close. Only big things in life kept us together

we are tied with a thread, not with a chain. maybe that's why when things gets loose you break out before everything else falls apart, which includes my heart and my self.my feelings. so sad.

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Show me you love and need me otherwise I will find a new story to write***ive been telling u to fuck off for three years, is this a joke?