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What a great project for kids, so much more fun than commercial egg dying kids! Natural Egg Dye: A Rainbow of Options

Easter Rocks !!! Hide these along with your eggs ....

19 extremely cool non-candy Easter basket gifts kids will love.

Adorable {and EASY} Blue Birdies by sweetsugarbelle. Jordan Almonds or blue m&ms!

diy natural egg dyes-when decorating eggs-please don't use "permanent markers," "shaving cream," "rubber cement" or "glue" if you plan on eating them. Food colouring or natural products are safer

diy natural egg dyes-when decorating eggs-please dont use permanent markers, shaving cream, rubber cement or glue if you plan on eating them. Food colouring or natural products are safer

How To How To Dye Easter Eggs With Kool-Aid. So easy!

How To Dye Easter Eggs With Kool-Aid

As if dying Easter eggs wasn't enough fun, imagine how cool your kids will think it is to dye them with Kool-Aid. Plus, your kitchen will smell delicious!

5 nieuwe simpele ideeen om paaseieren te verven

Rainbow Easter Eggs -Super bright Easter eggs the easy way (coated with white vinegar first and then straight food dye)

This DIY flips the typical egg-decor script: Choose colored eggs, like these earthy brown ones, and dress them up with a white paint pen. Get the tutorial at Joy Ever After »  - GoodHousekeeping.com

13 Truly Impressive DIY Easter Eggs

joy ever after :: details that make life loveable :: - Journal - farm fresh easter eggs (white pen on brown eggs)

Such a great resource for dyeing Easter eggs naturally with real food ingredients you may already have in your kitchen!

How To Dye Easter Eggs Naturally

After experimenting with everything from lemon peels and carrots to raspberries and grape juice, has put together a list of everyday ingredients that consistently yield beautiful, vibrant colors. Here's how to dye Easter eggs naturally .

Baking Soda Easter Eggs - Try this fun way to decorate eggs using baking soda and vinegar.

Baking Soda Easter Eggs

Baking Powder Easter Eggs - see how we decorated this egg-ploding eggs. A fun way for kids to observe cause and effect and create colorful eggs I think I'll try this with food coloring vs powdered tempera paint.

6 "recipes" for homemade Easter egg dyes

6 Homemade Easter Egg Dye Recipes

Lots of natural egg dye recipes are trickier than they seem. For the natural egg dyes I used ingredients easily found at a grocery store.