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Funny and true

Immigration reform has allowed his wiveS to live in the US and the 2 million dollars tax payers will foot the bill so she can live comfortably separate from her husband.

Kellyanne Conway and Donald Trump's brave new world: Believe our eyes and ears or "alternative facts"?

Kellyanne Conway and Donald Trump’s brave new world: Believe our eyes and ears or “alternativ...

Conway says Press Secretary Gave 'Alternative Facts': Alt-right is now joined by this hypnotist who has a shameless cheek to propagate "ALTERNATIVE FACTS" . And maybe Trump truly believes his own delusions, which is far more frightening!

Scumbag Sen. Steve Martin (R-VA) keeping the "war on women" alive & well

Virginia Republican Says A Pregnant Woman Is Just A 'Host'

Trump said that Saturday's attack on a Black Lives Matter activist was justified, saying he "should have been roughed up" because he was "so obnoxious and loud." A new national poll from FOX News shows Trump has more support than ever from Republican primary voters.

It Doesn’t Make Much Sense

America, please stop it! Everyone who is for this piece of shit seems to also be ignorant and racist