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Yixing as a pissed off  parent...   #Lay #Yixing #ExoFandom

kekeke i could imagine myself being a daughter of Lay~ keke it would be hilarious~ keke i could just laugh at myself being nagged by Lay oppa from time to time~

kekeke we always see that EXO is wearing good looking clothes on that we also want to wear but then in the end we see our oppas wearing this~?? kekeke EXO haven't you seen this yet~!? kekeke

I think besides the self proclaimed pervert shirt of Kris, Chen has an amazing one too.

Q: What is EXO? Omg XD this is perfect XD

I was drinking water when I read this and i spit like a boss. Yep that's pretty much who Exo is

Suho is so ready to be a sugar daddy

Suho is so ready to be a sugar daddy

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credit: to it's rightful owner, please see logo on pic (if have) HILARIOUS XD Chen LOL

Just You! Pull Me Back To Real Life! — purpleuhan:     the beautiful lightstick wave of...

purpleuhan: “ “the beautiful lightstick wave of EXO-Ls ” ”

I really want to know what possessed Baekhyun, Chen and Suho here that they're acting high on drugs. xD

EXO's 'Call Me Baby' MV reaches 10 million views in a week!

Ya'll see EXO being cute and silly, I'm an adult, all I see is prime bachelorette Party entertainment:) <<<< haha keeping this comment