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Two turtle doves. I'll tell you what you do: you keep one, and you give the other one to a very special person. You see, turtle doves are a symbol of friendship and love. And as long as each of you has your turtle dove, you'll be friends forever.

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Oriental Turtle-Dove (Asia) I bet they don't fly well and cause accidents

Chickadee-one of my favorite little birds

The Black-capped Chickadee (Poecile atricapillus) is a small, North American songbird, a passerine bird in the tit family Paridae. It is the state bird of both Maine and Massachusetts.

For His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He cares for me!

I love little birds! :) Snow Bunting, Isle of Man ~ by Pete Hadfield (via themountainlaurel)

Beautiful Yellow Footed Pigeon

Beautiful Yellow Footed Pigeon

Yellow Footed Green Pigeon - (Treron phoenicoptera) Also known as the Yellow-legged Green Pigeon. This is a common species of green pigeon found in the Indian Subcontinent. It is the state bird of Maharashtra.