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I need someone to do this, ryan, you'll do ;) but don't forget... I am a happily married woman

Trolling the Internet for pretty things is such hard work, babe. Want some girl scout cookies and a glass of sweet tea?-this is how my husband treats me.

Sorry my pit bull went against your stereotypes

Pit Bull stereotypes-I love how very happy this pup is. Such a sweet smile.

Josh Hutcherson

Why do guys- doesn't matter what age- get hotter with facial hair? Josh Hutcherson is no exception.

Catching Fire Rome Premiere Red Carpet: http://www.panempropaganda.com/movie-countdown/2013/11/14/the-catching-fire-premiere-in-rome-red-carpet.html

I'm seriously in love with Josh and Jennifer. I want to be their friends, hahaha. - 27 Times Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson Proved They Have The Best Offscreen Relationship Ever

I have had a crush on him since Little Manhattan

Rv bridge to terabithia journey to the center of the earth and journey 2 the mysterious island oh and hunger games I didn't know it was him he is awesome

Can I just say that Josh is my dream guy! He's got all a girl needs in a man: Smarts Motorcycle  Likes reading LOOKS!! THAT JAW!!!❤️❤️❤️ And knows Jennifer Lawrence!  -aryana2hip

Seriously, that is why I read a book. I have so many problems and heartache in my life. This is the reason why I read. And yeah, this is coming from one of my favorite actors. Who understands! And thinks the way that I do!

Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson. They look so happy in this picture. I love it.

Josh Hutcherson Talks Peeta and Katniss in 'Hunger Games' Sequel [On Air With Ryan Seacrest]