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Half sider budgie , very rare and born sterile.

Halfsider - Twinzy is a "half sider" budgerigar, the characteristics of a blue bird on one side and a green bird on the other, even his tail feathers are split down the middle!

I'm working on my tan!

Albino Alligator by ~greenappaloosa.albino alligators have a yellowish tint. There is an actual species of white alligators and all have blue eyes. Albino gators have red/pink

Albinismo (567)Insetti Farfalla

wooooow what a gorgeous specimen It’s like a ghosty luna moth i love this wowie zow bow chicka pow what a cutie:

The Somali ass is the last remaining  wild ancestor of the modern donkey.  Their habitat is in isolated rocky desert areas of East Africa.  The adults weigh about 500 pounds.  Their coat and markings help them blend  into their native environment.   Rare Somali Wild Ass Is Born At Miami Zoo | Simply Marvelous Horse World

Rare Somali Wild Ass Is Born At Miami Zoo

For the first time in the history of the Miami Zoo, a critically endangered Somali Wild Ass was born. The Somali wild ass is the last remaining ancestor of the modern donkey.

I'm not usually a fan of albino creatures, but the hummingbird and lion are beautiful. And I've never seen a white ladybug...

17 Rare Albino Animals

The not Albino. Horses cannot be albino. There is this little thing called the LETHAL WHITE SYNDROME where all albino horses die within hours because they have a nonfunctioning colon! The horse in this picture is CREMELLO

Rockhopper Penguin

Pinguin- Our cool Rockhopper Penguin card is blank on the inside, but full of penguin personality on the inside. It measures five by seven inches and displays a bold Rockhopper penguin in an photo taken by Rin

Penguins4life so cute!

The Immortality Factor / tulipnight: King penguins, hand in hand? on imgfave

Gentoo penguins #penguinupdate   The long-tailed gentoo penguin is a penguin species in the genus Pygoscelis, most closely associated with the Adélie penguin and the chinstrap penguin.

Gentoo penguins are quite distinct from any other penguin, with the white stripe across the top of the head and bright orange bill. They are also better swimmers and divers than other penguins.

Southern Rockhopper Penguin - "You talkin' to ME?"

Southern rockhopper penguin, Eudyptes (chrysocome) chrysocome, Eastern rockhopper penguin, Eudyptes (chrysocome) filholi and Northern rockhopper penguin, Eudyptes (chrysocome) moseleyi

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Our Emperor Penguin Chicks Birthday card makes for a cool and cuddly way to say Happy Birthday. The inside of this 4 x 6 card readsFeel the love!

Azure-winged Magpie Cyanopica cyanus | by Fernando Sanchez de Castro on 500px

Azure-winged Magpie (cyanopica cyanus) ~ by Fernando Sanchez de Castro. This is a wonderful color combination for a card.