Thalia Grace | art by wittywhitekitten

I called it “My fight is won, who needs a gun” on dA because I think she looks so fierce and Hardwell’s track just fits That’s Thalia Grace from Percy Jackson

Thalia & Jason

If you get Thalia a Christmas pine tree sweater she won’t get mad, she’ll just get a matching one for her little brother. Awwww Thalia and Jason!

Percy Jackson- I miss Thalia. She got back from being a tree in the last pages of sea of monsters. We did see her quite a bit in titans curse, but BOOM! She's a huntress. We didn't see her again until the last Olympian, but we didn't get to see her for very long. We saw her a little bit in the lost hero, but that's it. Zilch. Zero. Nothing more. I want to see her in BoO

"Who is this" asked,Leo."This is my long lost sister Thalia,said Jason."Thalia this is Leo.Leo this is Thalia",Jason said."Your sister is really HOT",said is the introduction of Leo and Thalia.

Thalia Grace <--- I feel like she would have really short choppy hair... Not a pixie cut with one side buzzed off

I’m honoring a friend. I must join the hunt, Percy. I haven’t known peace since…since Half-Blood Hill. I finally feel like I have a home. But you’re a hero. You will be the one of the prophecy. - Thalia Grace<<< This is an amazing drawing of her!