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Not one thread bound. Part 2 (selection) / Knitting / hands - patterns, alteration of clothing, interior decoration with their hands - on Second Street


Dang I wish it were crochet,,,,Hand Knit Hood Scarf From Cable pattern Merino Wool by tvkstyle no pattern - but it's so pretty!


Thinking of upcycling old sweaters and use the sleeves for wrist warmers. Accent with embroidery around the hems and maybe a motif.

Schorten - Linen silver square cross apron - Japanese apron - Een uniek product van notPERFECTLINEN op DaWanda

Linen silver square cross apron - Japanese apron

Linen pinafore apron / Square cross linen apron / Japanese style apron / Washed ice blue/silver grey long linen apron / No ties apron

Wrap...knit or sewn from knit or blanket ....... just a delightful piece but would be so easy to make too .... all about fabric choice

use huge sweater/vest; fasten as shown.Bohemian Valhalla: Atelier des Ours. A Bohemian Dream