Always planning and preparing for the next day. I hate being late and disorganized.

OMG how true is THIS? #virgo and if you click on the picture you'll be transported to a page that tells you how awesome Virgo people are! :) You're welcome!

Learn more about Virgo sign including its character traits, personality, elements and more.

“#virgo #zodiac #zodiaccity #astrology TAG A VIRGO!!” More Like A Platinum Platter

Some virgos, because to me and my virgo besties, the gold platter is for ourselves and for each other.

Virgo <3

I agree. I totally crave alone time to think and feel sane. Please don't be offended by my need for alone time.


I have found that being a INTJ Virgo is a double whammy of intimidation for weaker hearts.

Zodiac Society Virgo...well that's an understatement.

As a Virgo, you often cause unnecessary stress to yourself because you tend to be extremely hard on yourself.