black lips with gem detailing - I wouldn't wear this but I thought the look was interesting

Complete your look with brilliant make-up and body shimmer from Eye Kandy Cosmetics. Glitter can be worn on face, lips, body, hair and nails. Be creative and have fun!

Candy Cane! great for holidays!

Aptly named "Peppermint" make-up with awesome red glitter lips and crystal and feather eyes.

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20 Pictures Of The Craziest Lipstick Art Ever

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Colorful lips have been the most misunderstood style in the fashion circle. The smoky eyes with nude lips or dark eyes with nude lips and even the ‘no makeup’

Makeup Revolution Atomic Lipstick Serpent Dark Green Lipstick

Treat Yourself To A New Lipstick - Things To Do If You're Spending Valentine's Day Alone And Bummed About It - Photos

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Make Up Tips : Makeup artist Johannah Adams recently posted her incredible crystal lips creatio


Mermaid lips 💋 Lovely ombre and sparkly lips. Can you teach your customers to create this with your product in a post?

One more variation of the Mermaid lips using @glitterinjections Ocean Dreams…

One more variation of the Mermaid lips using Ocean Dreams (top) and Mystic Butterfly (bottom) glitters, Princess Pearls half pears by plus some craft store glitter in the corners. Using Smitten Liptint in Sirius as a base.

Black and white lip art nails lips beautiful make up black white lipstick creative lip art pinterest // @ phoenixcosmetic

sugarpillcosmetics: ⚡️ created this electrifying lip using her Cold Chemistry palette over Bane lipstick!

Lindas unhas e batom iguais,chocolate para dois,curtam...

Chocolate Consumed Whilst Rocking Fabulous Ombre Lip Makeup Is Calorie Free! -ShazB Eyebrow Makeup Tips