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Kamo Brass Washboard

Mom would still use this in the to scrub really badly soiled clothing, (after she soaked them overnight) then they went into the wringer washer!

I remember this day so well. I was in sixth grade in Gallup, New Mexico.

John F. Kennedy, May 1917 - Nov A landmark event for my generation. My school was eating lunch in the cafeteria when this was announced and I remember everyone crying. I was so scared because I didn't think the United States could run without a President~

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kids toys Vintage Nolstalgic Tom Thumb Cash Register -- I had one and loved it.

Solid Gold...i still want to be a solid gold dancer!!! Masters of the seductive squat :)  Would someone please convince the powers that be to release a box set of this show?!?!

We were watching the solid gold dancers on TV.I so wanted to be a dancer back then!


John F. Kennedy Jnr. under the Resolute Desk