A Positive Light on Negative Space by Artist Tang Yau Hoong - Enpundit

Art Inspiration: Surreal Illustration by Tang Yau Hoo. This one really caught my eye. The use of negative space makes you think is this a city skyline.or just a bunch of hanging light bulbs?

Abriendose a un nuevo día

Tang Yau Hoong is an artist, illustrator and graphic designer living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He is known for his fascinating negative space illustration

Visual words.

I love a smart logo, but I also like simple logos. I think that these are examples of good logos that just used simple type treatments to achieve a great result. All simple and eye catching

Pure Geometry by Alexey Romanowsky - 3D animation, really, but they look so REAL!

Pure Geometry

Pure Geometry by Alexey Romanowsky - animation, really, but they look so REAL! Simple, layered geometric shapes can make something incredibly eye catching.

This design shows Gestalt through the play of the positive and negative space in the design. At first sight, you see two boys playing soccer, but on second look, you see the African continent made by their silhouettes.

Los mejores posters de Good 50×70 – 2010