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Awwwwwww memories rip glenn

He's Korean! // The Walking Dead // Daryl Merle I swear, i liked him more when i found out he was korean (i guess i have a japanese and korean fetish xD)

Duhhh ....

Funny pictures about Sunday mornings. Oh, and cool pics about Sunday mornings. Also, Sunday mornings.

Walking Dead-Daryl Dixon//YEP**** DAMN NEAR KICKED THE TV IN!!!!!!

The moment when every single Daryl fan shat themselves. Daryl Dixon, The Walking Dead, Too Far Gone.

i hate when people don't follow fandom rules (like calling zombies zombies in a world where it's canon that the word zombies doesnt exist!!)

Even my sister who is apart of the fandom says the word you call "zombies" dear Lizzy the term is walkers

The Walking Dead // Why did the Governor change his name?

Walking dead jokes - why did the governor change his name? Because Phillip has two "I's" and Brian only has one.